Choose the business opportunities in Cyprus that are right for you. We can match you with your ideal investment opportunity in Cyprus and then help you transform the potential into a reality.

Situated in between the East and West, Cyprus has always been a natural gateway to markets both in Europe, Russia and the Middle and Far East. But its unique geographical position isn’t all Cyprus has to offer.

Cyprus also boasts some of the most business-friendly tax laws in the EU. With a suite of special government incentives that make setting up a business in the country as easy and attractive as possible for high-net-worth investors, the island has already begun to transform itself from a regional gateway into an exciting international business hub.


Cyprus’ unique incentives for new businesses include a low 12.5% corporate tax rate, a robust network of Double Tax Treaties with over 60 countries, notional interest deduction, tax optimization for intellectual property (IP), and substantial tax relief for start-ups.

If you’re a high-net-worth investor, obtaining EU citizenship through investment is simple and quick. With the proper legal assistance, investors can gain Cypriot citizenship, and all the benefits that come with it, within months. For more information about how you can gain Cypriot citizenship quickly and securely, click here [add link to Schemes page].

Cyprus is also a Point of Single Contact country, which makes setting up a business in the country easier than ever. This explains why 1,000 new businesses open their doors in Cyprus every month.


This is a very exciting time for investors in Cyprus. The market is strong and versatile with guaranteed returns on investments and minimal investor risk. Setting up a business on the island has never been easier or more profitable.




When you do make the decision to invest in Cyprus, invest in an all-around solution with specialists who know the landscape. Whether you’re exploring forex, hospitality, logistics, agriculture or the local import/export markets, we can help you set up your business the right way and help you move forward in the local market as your business grows.